Frequently Asked Questions

 What is My Traffic Powerline?

My Traffic Powerline is a place to buy traffic to advertise your business / affiliate program(s). You may also earn commissions by referring new customers, and you may also earn ongoing commissions passively in our 2x12 forced matrix (see “COMP PLAN” tab).

 My traffic campaign has been completed and I got no opt ins or signups. Why?

These are real people clicks, we advertise on several different safelists, traffic exchanges, and classifieds. These are other network marketers clicking on your links to earn credits for advertising their own businesses. Traffic is unpredictable and we provide REAL clicks from other entrepreneurs. Along with the clicks, you also get capture pages, text and banner ads, and an aggressive autoresponder. We offer a variety of tools for $20/mo to help you succeed.

 How does spillover work?

Let's use the example of you sponsoring Angie, John, and Sue. Assuming no one is in your matrix, Angie would take the top left spot, John the top right, and Sue would fall under Angie, creating spillover. The structure allows for potential growth and spillover benefits.

 My tax form keeps getting rejected. Why?

Your W9 or W8 form must be completely filled out, including all required information and signatures, for approval. The most common reasons for rejections are missing SSNs, TINs, or signatures. Make sure you are using up-to-date forms (you may download them from our site).

 What is the powerline and how does it work?

The powerline is a conversion tool that operates based on the company's overall growth since your pre-enrollment. The sooner you upgrade, the greater your potential for spillover from those who have not yet upgraded. Please note, a signup always follows their sponsor as we maintain a sponsor-filled matrix.

 How can I join My Traffic Powerline?

You can join with a credit/debit card, CashApp, or Zelle payment.

 How am I paid in My Traffic Powerline?

Your commissions accumulate instantly in your back office “Bank” as orders come in from your team members. They will accumulate for as long as you like, and you will need to submit a W8 or W9 tax form in order to withdraw your commissions. Once your wallet has accumulated a minimum of $55, you can submit a withdrawal request. To receive your commissions, you can request to be paid via CashApp, Zelle, Direct Deposit to your bank account, or Bitcoin.

 How much does it cost to withdraw commissions?

The minimum withdrawal amount is $50 and all withdrawals have a $5 processing fee. Please allow up to 3 business days for processing payouts. Thank you.

 Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely not.

 Do you provide support?

Yes. We provide full customer support.

 I'm from another country. Can I join My Traffic Powerline?

Yes! We welcome members from all around the world.

 Do I need a domain or web hosting account?

No. Your site will appear on, with your affiliate username to track your sales. You simply promote your affiliate link to make sales.

 Can I get a refund?

Your membership is non-refundable. All sales are final.

 Can I have more than one account?


 Is the back office mobile responsive?

Yes. Some pages like the matrix view, work better when you turn your phone sideways.

 Can I pay for next month's subscription with my commission?

Yes, as long as you have earned enough to cover the cost.

 Can I promote My Traffic Powerline with my Premium Clicks Package?

Yes, you can promote your My Traffic Powerline business/website with our Premium Clicks Package. Few, if any of the leads/traffic that you get will come from members of My Traffic Powerline.

 How do I stay qualified to earn commissions?

You need to remain active with your subscription. The easiest way to be sure you don’t miss any commissions is to set up a subscription, often referred to in this industry as “autoship” (though we do not ship anything) so that your purchase is made automatically each month.

 What are the check matching bonuses?

When you meet the 2 personally sponsored requirements, you earn what your frontline team (1st generation) earns in the matrix. When you sponsor 5 people, you will earn check matching bonuses on your 2nd generation. When you sponsor 10 people, you will earn check matching bonuses on your 3rd generation, and when you sponsor 25 people, you will earn check matching bonuses on your 4th generation.

NOTE: These check matching bonuses DO NOT include Fast Start Bonuses.

 Are the check matching bonuses retroactive?

No. These kick immediately (after you meet your sponsor qualifications), for all new sales and renewals only.

 Are the matching bonus commissions permanent?

Yes, once you personally sponsor 2, 5, 10, or 25 members, you will “rank up” and you will be qualified permanently for the matching bonuses associated with that rank. Even if some of your personally sponsored members later become inactive, you will still receive the matching bonuses of the highest rank you have reached.

 How Do I Set Up My Traffic Campaigns?

Login, and click on "Promo Dashboard" and click on "Create Traffic Campaign", and follow the prompts, to fill in and submit the form.

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